Meet DeWayne Smith at Estate Probate Solutions

Probate specialist DeWayne Smith in Eugene, Oregon I am a native Oregonian and I have lived in Lane County all of my life, so I can say that I know the area very well. Prior to becoming a licensed Real Estate Broker, I managed a small Property Maintenance business in the Portland Metro area for 6 years. After that, my wife of over 20 years and I owned a professional cleaning company for a few years.

I understand that when you are buying a new home you are looking forward to making many new and happy memories, and when you are selling a home you are not just selling a building, you are parting with years of memories and really a piece of yourself. I take pride in being able to help people move into the next chapter of their life. It is my goal to help you find the Haven that you are looking for. Whether selling or buying a home you should have someone in your corner that will listen to your specific needs and situation to provide the necessary assistance for you to accomplish your goals.

I am a person of integrity, honesty, empathy, compassion and loyalty. I will be there when you need me, and I will be at your side on this life changing adventure.

I am a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist and a Certified Probate Expert!

I decided to specialize in probate Real Estate because I have been through the process myself and I understand how emotionally draining it can be. My goal is to help others who are going through the probate process to be able to navigate it without becoming overwhelmed. No one should tell you that the process is easy and that it doesn't take very long. That simply isn't true. It is an emotionally charged situation, that can take 18 months or longer to complete. I am here to help every step of the way. My team and I are available to help with as much or as little of the process as you want us to. We are here to serve!